[MPlayer-users] 3dnow/mmx swscaler broken

D Richard Felker III dalias at aerifal.cx
Mon Jan 14 09:57:01 CET 2002

[sorry if this gets double posted -- i think the first copy got
bitbucketted for mentioning a nasty version of gcc by name ;]

with video scaling enabled, mencoder (latest cvs) fails with the
following error (printed repeatedly) when compiled with 3dnow support:

  SwScaler: BICUBIC scaler with YV12 output using 3DNOW
  @@@ libmpeg2 returned from sig11... (bad file?) @@@

and similarly if bilinear or fast bilinear scaling is used. apparently
segfaults are trapped with libmpeg2; when trying to scale while using
a different codec, the program outright crashes.

further, the same thing happens when just using mmx for scaling;
however, recompiling with both 3dnow and mmx support omitted fixes the
problem. and no, i'm not using a broken gcc [version number omitted so
this message can get through], just good ol' 2.95.2, which iirc is for
all intents and purposes the same as 2.95.3, as long as no c++ is

if any more information from me would be helpful, please contact me by
email directly. i try to follow the list archives, but the volume is
way too high for me to actually subscribe to it, and sometimes i
overlook a few days worth of messages. thanks.


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