[MPlayer-users] splitting an avi

Rick rick at topaz.ne.mediaone.net
Sun Jan 13 20:10:02 CET 2002

Don't bother.  I've already tried doing that and it doesn't work.. I've come 
to a solution of my own...

it's kind of a pain in the ass.. but it will have to do until we have some 
kind of -endchapter option for dvd encoding

I simply play the movie first with a -chapter option of about 1/2 way through 
the movie..
I pay attention to the scene it starts on and quit the movie.

I then start the movie using -ss hh:mm:ss to seek to a time until I find the 
time that  -chapter whatever starts at. It shouldn't take more than a few 
tries to get it.  Since you are encoding to an avi, your framerate should be 
24 fps.  Since you know the framerate, you can use the -frames option to 
specify a number of frames to encode- just multiply 24 by the number of 
seconds into the movie the scene that will start the econd half is (ex 50 
minutes and 20 secs into the movie = 50minutes*(60 secs/min)=3000secs + 20 
secs = 3020 secs total ---   3020 secs * (24 frames /sec) = 72480 frames to 

so , to encode to 2 parts, one would do the following
I use a br of 1450 for video and a cbr of 160 for audio when encoding to 2 
parts... it seems to give pretty good results.  The docs say windows machines 
have a hard time playing vbr encoded audio

	-- encodes the first 50mins and 20 secs at 24fps to moviepart1.avi
mencoder -ovc divx4 -divx4opts br=1450 -ofps 24 -oac mp3lame -lameopts br=160 
-dvd 1 -frames 72480 -o moviepart1.avi 

	--encodes the rest of the movie starting at chater #
mencoder -ovc divx4 -divx4opts br=1450 -ofps 24 -oac mp3lame -lameopts br=160 
-dvd 1 -chapter <chapter you chose> -o moviepart2.avi

It's kind of a dirty hack..   but it gets the job done well.

If anyone knows of a utility that prints out a dvd's chapters and running 
times.. the step of starting the movie over and over using -ss could be made 
much easier

On Sunday 13 January 2002 01:08 pm, you wrote:
> Hi,
> On Sun, Jan 13, Silviu D Minut wrote:
> > I encoded something and the output was file.avi of 900M. Is it possible
> > to split it (e.g. using the split command) in 600+300 and put each piece
> > on a separate cd? I assume the second part would need some kind of
> > header. Is this possible to do? What exactly is the procedure? Would this
> > have anything to do with the INDEX described in the -idx and -forceidx in
> > the man page? For non-experts, what's the INDEX?
> there are tools like avisplit and avimerge in the package transcode.
> Please have a look at:
> http://www.theorie.physik.uni-goettingen.de/~ostreich/transcode

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