[MPlayer-users] Postprocessing DivX

Arun Sharma arun at sharma-home.net
Sun Jan 13 20:01:02 CET 2002


I'm using mplayer 0.6 and it seems to kick ass! I see that it consumes
much less CPU on my Duron 800 Linux box compared to a PIII 600 Windows
box, while playing the same avi.

I was trying to see if I can use the spare CPU cycles (about 30-40%) to
do some postprocessing. Specifying -pp 0x20007f didn't seem to make much
of a difference in picture quality. Is there any feedback I can get from
mplayer about what's the pp it's actually using ?

Also, another question about SDL and DGA. If I understand them
correctly, they're both about bypassing the X server and writing
directly to the framebuffer. I can get both -vo sdl and -vo dga working.
However, they don't seem to reduce the CPU consumption by the X server
process. The docs also suggest -vo sdl:dga, which doesn't work on my
box. However, I'm curious how sdl:dga mode works. It seems to me that
SDL and DGA are two implementations of the same thing, while the docs
seem to suggest that they're complementary and can be used together.



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