[MPlayer-users] Sound and screensaver problems

Scott Russ thyrinn at attbi.com
Sun Jan 13 18:37:01 CET 2002

I'm having 2 problems with mplayer.

#1.  If I use OSS for my audio anything I play takes several minutes to
start playing.  I have made sure that there is nothing else playing or
accessing /dev/dsp.  If I switch to -ao sdl it works and starts right
away except I have a slight audio/video sync issue.

#2.  It looks like if I use SDL, X11, or XV for my video out they are
supposed to temp disable the screensaver and DPMS.  Is this working
right now?  If I use the -v option I get messages about disabling the
screensaver however 5min later my screensaver pops on.  Does this only
work with Xscreensaver?  Are there any plans to get it working with the
way KDE does its screensaver?

Other than these its a great program and it has played everything I have
throw at it.


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