[MPlayer-users] computer generated audio

Marcin Kosiba athin at go2.pl
Sun Jan 13 17:40:02 CET 2002

> Has anyone else noticed "computer generated" type audio when people talk in
> movies. It's kind of hard to explain, but if you listen closely you will
> notice it. It seems to of appeared somewhere in the 0.6x branch. let me
> provide some info from mplayer while playing a movie it appears in.
> Then you will notice it, it's not just that movie
> (Swordfish.DVDRip.DivX-DOMiNiON.avi) it appears in lots of movies, and even
> in dvds (real dvds straight off the dvddrive). If anyone else has found a
> workaround let me know,
> Cheers! mplayer team thank's for making the best movie player out there!

		I played loads of DVD's, and happen to have nice speakers,
and a nice s-card, but I don't hear anything like that: the sound is placed
REALLY ! good [centered etc/] and all that jazz: try either -ao sdl 
[I get better sync than oss!] or maybe you've got some knobs [tone etc.]
messed up on your h-ware [it may also be the s-card] and in the end
the DVD-player --> also try different libdvdread and maybe differentl 
ibdvdcss [!different doesn't mean newer!]. As desperate as you
might be to reach ciistal sound quality, try the ffmp3 ac.

pS the ffdivx/ffodivx is FASTER than the dll's [-vfm=5]

	Knock yerself OUT


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