[MPlayer-users] MPlayer And Window Maker

Cipriano Mazzola mplayer at chamma.co.uk
Sat Jan 12 13:34:01 CET 2002

I am running 0.60 (latest, as far as i know) 

I dont know if this bug exists with any other window manager/desktop
environment but i can only run mplayer when nothing else is running. If
i run it with any other app running window maker has to restart. Is this
something there is a fix for? would you like me to send any other

Linux Distribution : Debian - Woody (2.4.16 Kernel) 

Computer Specs: 
PIII 733mhz 
256 MB RAM 
20.5 GB HDD 
GeForce 2 Ultra 
Sound Blaster Live 

My system works perfectally fine otherwise. 

Cipriano Mazzola 

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