[MPlayer-users] Re: bug in configuration file

Sven Hartge hartge at ds9.argh.org
Fri Jan 11 23:38:08 CET 2002

Henrik Nordhus <hnordhus at broadpark.no> wrote:

> Having no trouble with that myself. I'm just trying to say that if you look 
> at it pragmatically, the whole gcc-checking thing is not necessary. People 
> can read and see that 2.96 is not supported.

People *cannot* read, until you _force_ them.

Without this check, there will be much more people reporting bugs,
wasting time of developers and readers, until it is discovered, this bug
was caused by the faulty gcc.

So, with this check, you force the user to read and then he will see, if
he wants to try with his compiler or use a different one.

Believe me: Todays users don't read. Never. Maybe if hell freezes over.


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