[MPlayer-users] Bug: 0.60 Doesn't compile

Horváth István suti at nuk.teteny.elte.hu
Thu Jan 10 21:42:02 CET 2002

> > It's the Question that drives us, Nix N. Nix :
> > > gcc version 3.0 20010507 (prerelease)
> > This gcc is over half a year old! And it's buggy also.
> > I recommend UPgrading to 2.95
> How is 2.95 an upgrade to 3.0.  If I have my math straight, 2.95 < 3.0,
> right ?  What kind of weird versioning is this ?  Wouldn't I be better
> off getting a later version of 3.0 ?

hey, you should really read the documentation, or the history of this
mailing list, because the gcc 3.0.x is a bit buggy, but the 2.95.x series
is not!

for example, if i was compiled succesfully mplayer with gcc-3.0.3, the
mplayer segfaulted every time i wanted to play a wmv8 file!!
but after i recompiled with 2.95.x this problem disappeared!

therefor the upgrade is means that, it is more stable than 3.0.x!
ok? :)))

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