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Doc Miller dmiller at mail.prasara.com
Wed Jan 9 20:23:02 CET 2002

Since I have left off some things that are desired... I will add them to
this email:
A brief recap.. When attempting to play a DVD, I get a: 

mplayer: ifo_read.c:458: ifoRead_PGC_COMMAND_TBL: Assertion
`cmd_tbl->nr_of_pre                + cmd_tbl->nr_of_post +
cmd_tbl->nr_of_cell<= 128' failed.

MPlayer interrupted by signal 6 in module: open_stream 
max framesize was 0 bytes

Please see previous email for details..

Linux Version:   Suse 7.1 (significant changes since then)
Kernel Version:  2.4.16
Libc version:  6
X Version:  4.1.0
gcc version:  2.95.3 (have not found a compelling reason to change yet)
ld version: (with BFD  (ditto)
binutils version:

This is all running on a Dell Inspiron 8000
CPU:    1Gig
Video:   ATI Rage 128 (AGP) with 64 Megs of Memory
System Memory:  512 MB
Video Driver:  X base driver, also Xv, and DRI (all in X 4.1.0)
Sound Card:  Maestro3 Chipset (native support, with OSS and ESD support
when needed)


D.R. Miller
PowerTV, Inc.
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AIM:  MrDMiller2

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