[MPlayer-users] 2 questions about 2-Pass DivX encoding with mencoder

Tim U. mplayer at tetro.net
Wed Jan 9 11:40:02 CET 2002

On Tue, Jan 08, 2002 at 04:14:45PM -0400, Troy D. Strum wrote:
> DVDs can be in multiple formats (like VCD) that includes 29.970 and 23.976
> (film) and 25 for PAL. Would it be safe to bet that if the original source
> material is video then it's safe to assume the output should be 29.970?

I guess.  I have no experience with video capture though.

> As well, if you drop to the lower framerate with -ofps 24 (or would you go
> to -ofps 23.976 ?) the telecine just magically goes away? AFAICS lowering
> the framerate alone won't remove the pulldown without some help...

The inverse telecine is done regardless of the frame rate.  Thats why you see 
a steady stream of "duplicate 1 frame(s)" messages when you choose a frame rate like 29.97 FPS when encoding a telecined 29.97 FPS NTSC DVD.

   - Tim U.

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