[MPlayer-users] encoding dvds into multiple avi files

SMuelas smuelas at mecanica.upm.es
Wed Jan 9 10:02:01 CET 2002

> I am trying to encode dvd's into 2 avi files (so they will fit on 2 cd's at a 
> high quality)- i have looked at the -chapter option, but it says it starts 
> encoding at a certain point.. it says nothing about stopping.  The only 
> option I see pertaining to the ending point of the encode is -frames.

I have just done this and the result is really impressive. No practical
differences between the original DVD and the 2CD's-AVI one. As there is
this known problem about the frame-to-begin-encoding of mencoder, my
solution has been a simple one. I translate it to you just as an idea  
I wanted a 2CD-HQ-AVI from a DVD that contained six *.vob files. The
last one not complete (around 700 Mb). I moved the first three to a
directory and encoded them as thefilm_1.avi. Then I changed the vobs to
the other three and encoded them as thefilm_2.avi. The result of such a
simple thing is outstanding. I used no reduction at all in size and just
one pass. Surprisingly the 2-pass mode does not work o.k. in my computer
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