[MPlayer-users] mp0.6: green bars at the lower edge

Harald Dunkel harri at synopsys.com
Mon Jan 7 21:26:02 CET 2002

Hi folks,

I've got an AVI file that shows me some green bars at the lower
edge instead of the movie. The rest of the output window and
sound is OK.

Mediaplayer shows it correctly.

Is this a known problem?


Debian 3.0, kernel 2.4.17 or 2.4.2, gcc-2.95.4, XFree86 4.1
AMD Athlon 1.2 GHz or PIII 800MHz, NVidia GForce 2 GTS,
NVidia's 2314 driver.

You can find the first MByte in the incoming area. Filename:




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