[MPlayer-users] Re: tdfxfb on 3dfx voodoo3 problem

Marcin Cylke alien at itcomp.dabrowa.pl
Mon Jan 7 16:04:02 CET 2002


> mayeb due to incomplete bugreport?
> where is mplayer -v log?

Oh, sory, you are right.I'm using mplayer 0.60 with tdfxfb compiled in.

> did you tried gcc 2.95.x ?
> this black-screen-just-osd was a symptom of gcc 2.9six but maybe inherited
> by some gcc 3.x versions

No I haven't.I also consider this as a possible cause, but I failed to find a server with whole set of gcc-2.95 packages.
Ok, thanks for the advice, thus assuring me in the fact that I need to change my gcc to 2.95 series.
Marcin Cylke
Jawa 250 1959

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