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Peter_JANEK at tatrabanka.sk Peter_JANEK at tatrabanka.sk
Mon Jan 7 15:17:01 CET 2002

yeah, thats clear, but maybe my question was not clear enough...

i wanted to ask where can i find such a fontz... downloadable onez r not full...
(missing some charz in czech lang.)

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On Fri, Jan 04, 2002 at 11:56:38AM +0100, Peter_JANEK at tatrabanka.sk wrote:
> is there a chance to get unicode fonts ??? which is the easiest one ???
> p.s. thx for -subcp option !
-subcp as well as -utf8 option assumes that char posiotions in used font
are in Unicode coding (I mean UTF16).
-subcp cp1250 recodes text to UTF8 first and while displaying
that form is translated to UTF16.
-utf8 omits first operation.
So font must be unicode and of course it must contain chars from Your
language region to get proper subs display.
Font arial-* which You can download is unicode one but maybe not full


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