[MPlayer-users] MPlayer 0.60 rocks! (Again)

Henrik Nordhus hnordhus at broadpark.no
Mon Jan 7 00:29:02 CET 2002

I just joined this mailing-list after having downloaded 0.60, and I hope this 
mail also reaches some of the developers, you deserve praise.....
This is one of the most fantastic media-players I have ever seen. I've tried 
0.50 before and some of the snapshots in between, but have always run into 
trouble because Mandrake decided to include a certain version of a certain 
compiler. I could always compile it using this, (esp. after admitting it to 
be broken during the configure script), but got buggy results. I now got 0.60 
it working, compiled using the Mandrake Cooker gcc-3.0.2, which would never 
compile MPlayer before. This version is a vast improvement (esp. the GUI, 
which is now really useful). If I had to complain about one thing was that I 
downloaded the latest default skin, and the files had permissions which I 
suppose makes no sense to non-superusers outside of the creator's own 
Keep up the good work! I'll be heard from a lot more as my problems arise ;-)
(Have only used the latest version for about 15 minutes)

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