[MPlayer-users] tdfxfb on 3dfx voodoo3 problem

Marcin Cylke alien at itcomp.dabrowa.pl
Sun Jan 6 22:00:02 CET 2002

Due to lack of almost any answer to my problem I repeat the question.

I've got a problem with playing files using tdfxfb drivers.The whole thing is compiled in the kernel and works properly in any other case.
When I play the file I get black screen with timer running and subtitles, where available.There is no refreshement so the letters from subtitles and numbers in timer are appearing on the old ones.The audio is present

My system: - according to bugreport.html
distro: rh 7.1
kernel: 2.4.16
libc: 2.2.2
X ver: 4.0.3
gcc ver:3.0
ld ver: 2.10.91
binutils: 2.10.91

My hardware:
AMD Duron 600
video card: 3dfx Voodoo3
video driver: well, tdfxfb :)

Ok, that is all.
Marcin Cylke
Jawa 250 1959

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