[MPlayer-users] poor video quality from mencoder when encoding with sound

Rick rick at topaz.ne.mediaone.net
Sat Jan 5 18:29:02 CET 2002

I had posted a message not long back about poor video quality.  I have since 
narrowed the problem down.  If I encode with no sound, the picture quality is 
100% perfect.  However, if I include sound in the file, the picture quality 
drops SUBSTANTIALLY.  Encoding with PCM output (-oac pcm) gives slightly 
reduced quality (some 'blocks' occur and objects leave minor trails).  
Encoding with mp3lame gives absolutely horrible output for video (sounds 
perfect though...).   I have upgraded to the latest CVS of lame and also the 
latest CVS of mplayer (as of last night) and the problem still remains.  
Please let me know exactly what details are needed and I will post them.

Thanks for a wonderful movie player.. this is something linux has been 
needing for a long time.

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