[MPlayer-users] Re: Debian build fails with current CVS

Sven Hartge hartge at ds9.argh.org
Sat Jan 5 14:51:02 CET 2002

Dariusz Pietrzak <dariush at ajax.umcs.lublin.pl> wrote:

>> I think the codecs.conf and default/example mplayer.conf should go into
>> /etc/mplayer/ and not into /usr/share/mplayer, since both are config
>> files which belong into /etc, IMO.

> You are of course right.

While you are at it: It would be nice, to have seperate DEBs for mplayer
and mencoder.

mencoder needs liblame, but no X, mplayer needs X but not liblame, so it
would be naturally the best to separate those two programs.


BOFH excuse #88:

Boss' kid fucked up the machine

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