[MPlayer-users] Software AC3 output

Sampo Nurmentaus sabe at luuseri.net
Fri Jan 4 09:56:01 CET 2002

Hello folks,

I'm a newbie with mplayer and I have found it very
intresting when playing divx-files on my laptop
with an ati-card.

I read the documentation about software AC3 and
though about setting up a desktop system to act
as an inexpensive home theater system.

It ses in the docs that multiple channel output
is supported with an SB Live! card. How
does this work in practice? Hardware thing is simple
with spdif but it requires a separate decoder.

I would love to see six analog singnals coming out of
my pc directly to my multichannel amp.

Is this supported or can someone give me some hints so
that I can code support for exampel three separate
stereo cards.

Sampo Nurmentaus,
Software developer
Audio Riders Ltd.

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