[MPlayer-users] ANNOUNCE: MPlayer v0.60 "The RTFMcounter" released

Arpi arpi at thot.banki.hu
Thu Jan 3 03:36:02 CET 2002


echo "$SUBJ"

cat << EOF > ChangeLog

     * brand new kick-penguin-ass homepage design by chass (this is his
     * new fileformats : Quicktime MOV, VIVO v1/v2 Autodesk FLI/FLC,
       RealMedia, NuppelVideo yuv4mpeg, yuv4mpeg2.
     * NEW native codecs : CRAM (MS Video 1), cvid (Cinepak), FLI,
       generic ADPCM (and IMA) decoder, g723, xanim codecs support.
     * build fixes
     * DVD subtitles support
     * new DVD options for subtitle/audio language selection : -alang,
     * playing in root window : -rootwin option
     * postprocessing options syntax changes : -pp -npp
     * make install now copies codecs.conf (delete the old one in your
       home dir)
     * grabbing from TV through v4l
     * mencoder - program for encoding video+audio (divx+mp3 and many
     * new configure script - better autodetect, cleaner messages.
     * partial support for hardware MPEG decoders (DXR3 and Siemens DVB)
     * input cache - to make network/DVD playback smoother
     * software YV12 scaling, aspect ratio fixes
     * GUI fixes (it's still experimental :) and new skins
     * lots of MMX/SSE/3DNow! optimizations over the whole code!
     * audio filter plugins (surround, 5.1, up/downsample, etc)
     * C++ DirectShow code converted to C - no C++ compiler is required
     * new, nicer postprocess code - deinterlace filter too
     * AC3 decoding is now handled with liba52 - Surround, 5.1, etc..
     * ... and countless other new features, fixes, changes !


leech, rtfm, skins and other funny things at www.MPlayerHQ.hu

A'rpi / Astral & ESP-team

mailto:arpi at thot.banki.hu

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