[MPlayer-users] Why is the color wrong when I run -tv option

Per Mellander per.mellander at mmtab.se
Wed Jan 2 10:27:02 CET 2002


Yes, I saw that it was in the doc now. The doc I used was from about a
week earlier
and no 'Hint' where inserted at that time. Nevertheless, I tried the
different formats
and still can't get it to work. My colors are still messed up. With
default (YV12) I get blue/green
skincolor on humans. Quite funny perhaps. UYVY gets even more messed upp
with an intense green color
on almost everything, YUY2 doesn't work at all. I checked the source and
noticed that it wasn't supported
at all. Later on I downloaded latest release 0.60pre1 and had to put a
dummy in the options for -tv to get
it working. Haven't checked if the parsing is fixed yet. Still I
couldn't use the YUY2, but what the heck
I'll wait cause the rest is working flawlessly.


Gabucino wrote:
> It's the Question that drives us, Johannes Feigl :
> > 3) tell us if you read the docs about TV ...
> Yes. Your problem is described there.
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