[MPlayer-users] Jerky playback, CPU at 20%

Jakub Misak jmisak at atlas.cz
Wed Jan 2 03:45:02 CET 2002

The playback of DivX movies is a little bit jerky - the video is skipping or 
freezing for small fractions of second (especially in faster scenes, 
otherwise it's hardly noticeable). It looks similar to -framedrop on a slower 

But my machine is fast enough - the CPU is at 20-30% all the time and I don't 
use -framedrop. The A/V sync is perfect throughout the whole movie and 
Mplayer doesn't complain about the (lack of) speed.

I get the same behaviour also with Xine (in Linux) but the playback is 
perfectly smooth in MS Windows. So is it a problem with the Linux kernel, 
video driver, codec, bad file, configuration...? It seems I'm not alone with 
this problem. I'm using divx4 codec with xv and alsa5 output (changing -vo 
and/or -ao doesn't help).

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