[MPlayer-users] 3:2 pulldown SVCDs play too fast

Arpi arpi at thot.banki.hu
Tue Jan 1 20:18:02 CET 2002


> 	If I use MPlayer on a VOB file (or DVD) that has a movie using a 
> 	3:2 pulldown everything works great.
> 	However if I transform that VOB into a SVCD (using the mjpegtools
> 	package of programs) the resulting MPEG-2 stream plays 20% too fast
> 	even though the 'repeat first field' flag is set.
> 	Using "-fps 23.976" I can force SVCDs with a 3:2 pulldown to play
> 	correctly.   This suggests that the 'repeat first field' flag is
> 	being overlooked during playback of non-VOB/DVD movies.     Does this
> 	sound reasonable and correct?    
of course.
mplayer always care of these flags. if you done pulldown conversion, you
have to remove these flags as well, otherwise you'll break the file.
also set the fps field properly.

> 	If that is the case how difficult would it be to change MPlayer to
> 	always handle a 3:2 pulldown?

mplayer handles 3:2 if the header says to do so.
if the header is broken, only -fps 23.976 helps.

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