[MPlayer-users] Re: Problems playing DVDs

Attila Kinali kinali at gmx.net
Tue Jan 1 17:12:35 CET 2002

On Tue, 01 Jan 2002 13:44:39 +0100
Sven Hartge <hartge at ds9.argh.org> wrote:

> Using libdvdcss, the RC-setting can be ignored, as libdvdcss takes care
> of this.

That's exactly what i mean. There are _two different_ RC settings.
RC1 is software based and libdeccs, libdvdcss and all those libs
take care of this. But there is also an RC2 which is in the
firmware of the DVD player, you have to set it correctly or
patch your player to get it working.
I'm in the unfortunate possiton to have a dvd player where
the patch didnt work :-(

		Attila Kinali

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