[MPlayer-users] problem compiling libdvdcss 0.03

Dieter Mummenschanz mummenschanz at gmx.net
Tue Jan 1 11:53:57 CET 2002

Ok, this is rather off topic but I dont know what to do:
When I try to compile libdvdcss 0.03 I get the following:

gcc: cannot specify -o with -c or -S and multiple compilations
make[1]: *** [libdvdcss.o] Error 1
make[1]: Leaving directory `/root/leech/libdvdcss-0.0.3/extras/libdvdcss'
make: *** [libdvdcss] Error 2

Im running a SuSE 7.3 with GCC
Any help?


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