[MPlayer-users] Playing on specifc Xinerama screen with latest CVS

Brian J. Murrell 1ec00a920318109a20c8f8bb6a3ecc61 at interlinx.bc.ca
Tue Jan 1 07:26:45 CET 2002

On Mon, Dec 31, 2001 at 10:15:05PM +0100, Attila Kinali wrote:
> It's quite stable, i use it every day (ok, not really everyday,
> but it comes close).

OK.  I tried it again.  It seems to not crash my X server now.  Good.

> And since Arpi wrote a patch that restores
> the registers it also works together with Xv (not at the same time tough)

Where's the patch?  Is it in the CVS head?

> Try it again, if it crashes X, then write a _full_ bugreport.

OK, I tried again.  It works, almost.  It seems to overlay the video
"offset" from the display window (remember I am on a Xinerma display
and I want to display on the second screen of the Xinerama display).

If I expand the video window by large amount, I can see maybe half of
the overlay.  If I move the window over to where the overlay looks
like it is, the overlay moves and I can't find it again.

Seems like with Xinerama, the overlay window and the Mplayer video
display window are not aligned properly.

I still have the -xineramascreen patch installed.  I will remove it
and try again.


Brian J. Murrell

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