[MPlayer-users] Volume Control Suggestion

Hui Zhang huiz at gradient.cis.upenn.edu
Tue Jan 1 06:51:35 CET 2002

> I'm not telling that it's useless what you want to do, but that
> the right way is to set the mixers and maybe restore them after
> mplayer quits as this garants best sound quality.
> 		Attila Kinali

I am thinking of doing something more than that.  I'd like to see two or
more programs with sound that are playing at the same time can adjust
their respective volume in dependent of one another.  That is the approach
of the windows media player 6 and above, also the new quicktime player.
the realplay doesn't do that and it doesn't do what you suggest either,
which I find extremely annoying.

So having said what exactly I'd like to see it working, I think modifying
the sample is the only way to go.  Let me know if disagree.  Now the
question is how to do that.  What I did is to add a line to the
decode_audio function.  I added it right above the "return len" and
following the end of the giant switch statement.

	for(i=0; i< len; buf[i] *= 0.5, i++);

I expect it to decrease the volume by half.  It doesn't seem to work.  Any
ideas?  You can tell I've never worked with this before.


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