[MPlayer-users] Re: TV Tuner Color Problems

Bogdán Zaválnij bogdan at renyi.hu
Tue Apr 2 18:55:02 CEST 2002

> > > I have the same problem using vfm 7 that seems to be divx5 !!!!
> > > 
> > I have a similar problem cvs updated sunday, and the "-vc divx4" makes
> > bluish output. the problem is new, because the same codec worked in the
> > build a week ago.
> then what about reading docs/bugreports.html?
> and don't tell me it is not bug - if it doesn't work it IS a bug and SHOULD
> BE reported as it is UNKNOWN by us, and won't be fixed unless someone
> properly reports it.

how should I know, if you know about it, or not? I've seen at least 3
posts about it the last days, and no reaction, that it is unknown to You..

as I get home, I make a bugreport. one one more question: in witch of the
outputs you'll be able to see, if my picture IS bluish or not? ;-))


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