[MPlayer-users] full screen mode problem

Iban hatchond at yahoo.fr
Wed Oct 31 19:37:17 CET 2001

As far as I can see, you seem to a have a problem of full screen mode.
It is not a big problem. I suspect that you should add to your "movie
window", the gravity slot in the wm_normal_hints property. Put the value
for a static gravity (should be 10). Otherwise reparenting window
managers do not displace their decorations. In fact they should put your
window in 0,0 but the decoration goes at that place instead. By
supplying a gravity of static in the wm_normal_hints property., they
should  then displace they decorations to honor your request.
This mechanism is used in xawtv for example. (I know mwm and kwm that do
not handle static gravity correctly but the others - at least sawfish -
handle it correctly)

Here is what x prop gives for mplayer :
  program specified location: 340, 362

I guess that you should have
 program specified location: 340, 362
 window gravity: Static

Best regards,

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