[MPlayer-users] Re: MPlayer-users digest, Vol 1 #99 - 19 msgs

Tom Mraz t8m at centrum.cz
Wed Oct 31 09:14:48 CET 2001

> I am tring to mount MPlayer 0.50 (MPlayer-0.50.tar.bz2)
> on a brand new Athlon PC running RedHat 7.2.
> Having read the warning in the documentation, I have removed gcc-2.96-98
> and mounted gcc3-3.0.1-3.

> The compilaton however failed with this error:
>  "mpegaudiodec.c:1362: Internal error: Segmentation fault"
> Can anyone enlighten this?
> Thanks.
> Peter
> ========================================================================

I'll give you an answer for which I'll be banned from this list and
forbidden to use the mplayer ;-)))))

Please use the 2.96 version of the gcc compiler and skip over the configure
warning/check. It will work fine. But, please, don't try to report any
issues here otherwise you will be banned too ;-))))

The gcc 3.0.1 is REALLY BUGGY compiler - you should never use it for any
serious work.
Maybe the currently released gcc 3.0.2 would be better but I haven't tried
it yet.

Tom Mraz

No matter how far down the wrong road you've gone, turn back.
						Turkish proverb

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