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Csaba Balogh - Sun Hungary - Support Services - Service Support Engineer Csaba.Balogh at Sun.COM
Tue Oct 30 12:48:17 CET 2001

yes, I'm also sad a bit, because mplayer is nearly unuseable on my 
Toshiba 4300 laptop(Cele III 600Mhz,128MB,S3 Savage MX/IX 8MB, X 4.1.0,mdk 8.1)
I've got the movie sound and video out of sinc every time and of course 
the "Your computer is too slow to play this...".(tried a lot of vo, 
sdl:dga,fbdev,x11,xv vc:divx,divx4)
I think something is wrong with the audio driver because if i use sdl as 
ao, I didn't get slow perf!(sync is also OK) but mplayer gets frozen after 1 or 
two minutes:
"SDL: Audio timeout - buggy audio driver? (disabled)
audio: Bad file descriptor				"
The driver is ymfpci. I've tried it with alsa, it doesn't work.
Does anybody using ymfpci as audio?(Yamaha cards)

> > 	Thank you for the suggestion.   It was very helpful.  Using 
> > 	'-ni -framedrop' plays the movie nicely.   It seems that a 700MHz
> > 	Pentium-III is on the edge of  being too slow.  Time to buy a new
> > 	notebook :-)
> strange thing. i'm playing dvd-sized divxes at home, with 500mhz p3 without
> any framedrop at all... so 700 should be more than enough. i even played some
> such files at work with a 400mhz celeron (even without sse!) and it was almost
> fast enough.
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