[MPlayer-users] config file codec family single codec override

Felix Buenemann atmosfear at users.sourceforge.net
Tue Oct 30 01:35:40 CET 2001

On Monday, 29. October 2001 21:47, Stefan Nicolin wrote:
> Hi,
> >> to avoid the win stuff, I've set vfm=5 in ~/.mplayer/config The problem
> >> is that ffmjpeg does not work well with those movies - colors are
> >> disorted and some colored shadows show sometimes up. Is there a
> >> possibility to specify the VFW codec family *only* for the mjpeg codec ?
> >
> >Why don't you upload sample movie and allow us / ffmpeg authors to fix the
> >mjpeg codec?
> You are right, I shouldn't be so egoistic. So it's done. The file
> "me_and_my_girlfriend_having_sex_at_mcdonals.avi" and .txt uploaded ;) The
I took a look at it it's same prob I already reported to ffmpeg list some 
time ago (yuv color plane seems scaled two times vertically).

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