[MPlayer-users] Too many (4096 in 8287298 bytes) video packets in the buffer

Mario J. Barchéin Molina mbarchein at yahoo.es
Tue Oct 30 00:15:53 CET 2001

El Lun 29 Oct 2001 22:09, escribió:
>        About two minutes into a DVD (which was playing nicely) I get
> the error:
> DEMUXER: Too many (4096 in 8287298 bytes) video packets in the
> buffer! (maybe you play a non-interleaved stream/file or the codec
> failed)
>        and then the audio stops.  The video continues so I can watch
> but not listen (and I thought silent movies were a thing of the past
> ;)).
>        I have used both the 0.50 released version and the CVS version
> and both give the same error.
>        'vlc' (www.videolan.org) plays the title withot trouble.
> 	Attached are a bug report form and the log from 'mplayer -v'

Try with "-ni" option. It worked for me in an divx file with the same 

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