[MPlayer-users] MOV-Formats infos

Arpi arpi at thot.banki.hu
Mon Oct 29 13:53:52 CET 2001


> > Im probably asking a question that numerous people have already asked
> > before.. but wouldnt it be possible using codec dll's from quicktime on
> > windows... use them like we use other win32 codec dll's?
> 	In an ideal world, sure. One major caveat, however, is that
> Quicktime doesn't use a bunch of neat little codec DLL files that can be
> used like we're using the win32 codec DLL files. In Quicktime versions 4
> and 5, most of the program's meat is contained in an enormous DLL named
> quicktime.qts which doesn't advertise a bunch of decoder functions, like
> the win32 codecs do.

Hmm. Can you tell us more about that quicktime.qts file? Is there an RTFM

We found that .qtx codec plugins has a CDComponentDispatcher function, which
is a gateway to the coding/decoding functions inside.
But when I call the init function (selector -1), it tries to load that
QuickTime.qts and then segfult.

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