[MPlayer-users] config file codec family single codec override

Stefan root at nicolinux.de
Sun Oct 28 03:03:45 CET 2001


first time poster, long time reader so be gentle please ;)

Since fame and richness are surley your motivation - i can help you with the first one: 
Thanks for the great app, I'am happy to see that nearly anyone asked suggests mplayer as a excellent movie player (at least frequently seen on the slackware forum).

And now to my problem/question:
I am using the canon digital ixus 300 to record small movies. Those mjpeg movies work very well with the VFW codec family but since I want to avoid the win stuff, I've set vfm=5 in ~/.mplayer/config
The problem is that ffmjpeg does not work well with those movies - colors are disorted and some colored shadows show sometimes up.
Is there a possibility to specify the VFW codec family *only* for the mjpeg codec ?
For now I am using "mplayer -vc mjpeg movie.avi" but this is a bit annoying since everything else works well without any options. 
I am asking this due to a simple comfort aspect since I want to define a "mime type" for my file manager.

Thanks much


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