[MPlayer-users] RE: Fastforward : sound 3 times as fast as video

Joris Beugnies joris.beugnies at pandora.be
Sat Oct 27 19:21:49 CEST 2001

thanks for the quick response :-)

>It doesn't happen for us. I'm suer you have a broken file, with bad header
>or interleaving, so the seeking code fail to keep a-b synced.

While'it's a possibiltity, wouldn't that mean that mean i get at least roughly the same error
while playing normaly for the start 60 seconds, and fast forwarding until 0:60 sec  ? 
(tried with the -ss option) or am I simplyfying to much ?

>Upload that file to ftp, i'll check.

Done it (shrek.avi & shrek.txt)
thanks in advance ...

P.s. 1) I didn't check it but they told me it plays fine under microshit 
(of course I'm not saying 'they' are doing it the right way ;-) )
     2) I realy hope you'll tell me it's a bug in the code,..
 would have hated to waste both our time.:-))

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