[MPlayer-users] ReGui & XV

Creepy creppy at freemail.hu
Fri Oct 26 13:15:53 CEST 2001

Somebody wrote:
I was working on getting the 'sub' (ViDEO) window to do the same thing.

Well I wanted to ask today the same! Arpi: What it is good for? Becuse (for
example) I dont want to have 2 windows in taskbar, just 1 for mplayer, and
that's why I wanted to write my own skin, but I couldn't do what I
wanted..because this decoration thing, for one, and because the sub win
cannot be disabled...it's just not needen I think. I'd just like it that
way, I hope it's not that hard to implement. Still: mPlayer RULEZ!

The oter thing I wanted to ask: I changed my monitor to a 19" flat thing.
Thus I use it now in 1280*1024 (before:1024*768). If I start mplayer in
1280, NOT Fullscreen, I get the video flowing out the window...just as water
from the glass if you turn it around. In 1024 It's ALL RIGHT! Any idea ?!



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