[MPlayer-users] Good program for streaming from TV Card

Michael Hunold m.hunold at gmx.de
Thu Oct 25 17:22:17 CEST 2001

Hello Austin,
> What's a good program for streaming from a tv card that will produce a
> format readable by MPlayer?

Try using "mp1e", it's a real time mpeg-1 encoder. It can be found
as part of the realtime encoding library called "rte".

Homepage is:

You are using a Bt8x8 based card, right? For best performance
you should upgrade your "bttv" driver to a version >= 0.8.29.
These versions support the new and upcoming video4linux-2


But beware: you need to get some patches (follow the link
"patches") and apply them to your kernel, preferable to

> I'm a lot confused and a little lost as to
> what a good configuration of software is that will make this work well.
> Also, I can't seem to compile AviFile, but I'll ask on that list about
> that. Thanks in advance.

"mp1e" and a v4l2 compliant capture driver produce high quality
rock-solid a/v synced mpeg-1 video. I even use it for timeshift
viewing, ie. I watch the video stream while it still gets encoded by
"mp1e". Needs a good processor though...

> Austin

If you have further questions you can contact me privately,
because this is off topic here.


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