[MPlayer-users] XV on a Trident Cyberblade

G.F. Duivesteijn g.f.duivesteijn at student.tudelft.nl
Thu Oct 25 13:02:47 CEST 2001

Hello mplayer developers,

First of all, mplayer rocks! To my humble opinion, it's the best player 
available for *nix.

However, I've a question. On my desktop pc equipped with a voodoo3, the 
xv output works outstanding! I get nice smooth scaled movies. On the 
laptop, equipped with a Trident Microsystems CyberBlade i1 (rev 106) the 
xv output doesn't work well. The movies (352x240) have an offset to the 
right leaving a vertical blue bar on the left hand side of 26 pixels 
wide. When playing a dvd size (720x304) movie, the screen is splitted 
into 3 parts. On the left hand side, I see the right hand side part. On 
the right hand side, I see the left hand side part. On the left hand 
side edge, I see a blue vertical bar. Only a small vertical part in the 
center is at the right place.

The x11 driver works well on the laptop, but is so much slower.

*** I've read the documentation and I know this Trident chip isn't 
mentioned in the xv driver part. ***

However, the Trident does have XVideo support according to the XFree86 
log file:

     (II) Loading extension XVideo
     (II) Loading extension XVideo-MotionCompensation

If XVideo is not supported for this videochip, I have no problems with 
that. I just watch the movies on the desktop pc. :-)

Keep on the good work!
Gilbert Duivesteijn

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