[MPlayer-users] Feature suggestion/bug fix

Alex Kloss Klossa at Stud-Mailer.Uni-Marburg.DE
Wed Oct 24 15:03:23 CEST 2001

> André Dahlqvist <andre.dahlqvist at telia.com>:
> When I configure mplayer with --disable-win32 --disable-dshow it would
> be nice if mplayer by default (without having to use -vc or specifying
> it in the config file) didn't try to use this codec when some other
> codec that I do have compiled in works. It should only fail if the file
> I am trying to play needs the codec that I don't have compiled in. This
> seams to be the way video out device works: if I don't have xv compiled
> in mplayer automatically uses some other device.
> For an example, I compiled mplayer with --disable-win32 and
> --disable-dshow and when I try to play a file without giving any command
> line switches this happens:
> MPlayer CVS-011025-13:30(C) 2000-2001 Arpad Gereoffy (see DOCS!)
> Support for win32 codecs disabled, or unavailable on non-x86 platforms!
> FATAL: Couldn't initialize video codec :(
> *** free_stream() called ***
> The file plays fine if I then specify -vc ffdivx on the command line.
> Since there's a perfectly fine workaround for this it isn't of high
> priority, but it "would be nice".
Then how about putting "vc=ffdivx" into your .mplayer/config file???
Would be much easier than to patch the whole bugger :)

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