[MPlayer-Users] ffmpeg/libavcodec

Jilm Sanchez jilmy at onebox.com
Tue Oct 23 22:40:27 CEST 2001

No, not at RedHat.  If that were the case, gcc 2.96 would never have been used.  

But answer me this one simple question:  If ffmpeg compiles fine using 2.96, why would you say it
is a problem with gcc, and not with the optimizations your software uses in the first place?  That
answer would make the user not sound like an ID10T for asking 'why is it buggy?'

Maybe your docs guy should add that to the docs instead of just 'its buggy'.

5.1 Compilation

Q: Why do you not support compiler errors when using gcc 2.96?

A: (insert your current answer here)
    (add) Due to bugs with ASM optimisation.  It will work if you turn this off, but we still do
not  support if you use this version.  !!Use at your own risk!!

Said my piece, thank you very much.

-Jilm Sanchez

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