[MPlayer-users] off-topic: repairing mpeg1 fies

Max Hofer vir182 at yahoo.de
Tue Oct 23 15:56:27 CEST 2001

i know it's off-topic and has nothing to do with mplayer. but after searching
hours on the internet on different video pages (doom9, divx-digest, vcdhelp)
and on different linux pages (freshmeat, sourceforge) i thought i should ask
here, seen most ppl here are using linux ;)

problem: i have a mpeg1 file (SVCD format) with a glitch in it. now i would
like to burn this stuff using vcdimager and cdrdao, but vcdimager stops
converting on the glitch.

what i search: a programm to repair mpeg-1 (audio/video) files for LINUX. and
yeah i already searched on sourceforge and freshmeat. i didn't find a programm
for it (or i'm too dumb to find one).

would be nice if anyone could point me in the right direction. sad to say, but
good programms for video/audio manipulation (mpeg1,mpeg2,divx) on linux are

thx in advance 

ps. i hope i don't get a RTFM response ;)


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