[MPlayer-users] Slower with sound ?

joy_ping joy at pingfm.org
Tue Oct 23 00:12:28 CEST 2001

> And what about ALSA ? Is the 0.9 usable/better ?
the alsa9 plug is still usable (tested with new alsa0.9.0beta8a). bugs
that still remain is A/V-sync-problem under heavy cpu-load and NO
-framedrop option and i think the handling of a buffer-underrun. if you
use mplayer with less cpu-power, switched the -framedrop option on and
dont have many tasks running at the same time it should work.
theoretically it support samplerate conversion too, cause the new alsa-lib
has an implemented conversion function while it calls the samplerate
settings. you could also set a fix samplerate in your alsa-config-file and
force samplerate conversion, but this doesnt work very well with mplayer
cause, as mentioned, mplayer depends on the timing of the soundcard and
this has also to do with the samplerate, as far i could figure it out.

if its better, dont know. sound is not better as with oss, as i can hear,
but if you have alsa9 installed you dont have to load the oss emu and cpu
and memory-usage is a bit lower. just test it, and report me any

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