[MPlayer-users] Red Hat 7.2 has gcc3

Dan Hollis goemon at anime.net
Mon Oct 22 21:59:15 CEST 2001

On Mon, 22 Oct 2001, Balazs Lengyak wrote:
> For me, Debian is the standard. And debian still includes gcc-2.95.4 in its
> unstable (Sid) version, which is two(!) versions ahead of the current stable.
> They must have a reason not to use gcc-2.96.

debian is behind on a lot of things. not just gcc. and not just because of
bugs. some packages are simply unmaintained and rot.

> Sid has gcc-3.0 too, which happily coexists with gcc-2.95. No gcc-2.96
> though...

gcc 3.0 miscompiles c++ (2.96 does too, but 3.0 is far more broken)

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