[MPlayer-users] make uninstall

clemenswaechter clemenswaechter at yahoo.com
Mon Oct 22 18:04:32 CEST 2001


> First: The user shouldn't be forced to use mplayer. He can install or 
>     remove the software HE wants (I want mplayer). There should be a easy
>     possibility to remove mplayer for those who don't wan't it 
>     anymore. (We're not M$ which forces the user to use IE...)
> Second: The uninstall option can also be used for other things 
>     like a clean-up and reinstalling afterwards... Of course the 
>     problem can be solved with make install which overwrites the 
>     existing files. But that's not very elegant. In other 
>     projects I upgrade for example I first uninstall and then 
>     reinstall. It's done like that everywhere (package manager).
> Third: It's very easy to include the uninstall option.
> Jonas

I've had a quick look at the Makefile and including an uninstall target
should be really easy to add.

So I've planned to do this today and submit a patch. So if I do it
properly it will be included in the next release. 
Kepp your fingers crossed, it's my first contribution to a open source
project... :-)

Clemens Wächter

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