[MPlayer-users] Re: MPlayer-users digest, Vol 1 #37 - 18 msgs

Kukocs kukocs at programozo.hu
Thu Oct 18 19:22:55 CEST 2001

Thanks for your reply!

Oct 17-án, 21:39-kor MPlayer-users digest, Vol 1 #37 - 18 msgs témájú...:

:> :> I'm using the sdl out with my tnt2 (latest drivers v1541). When i'm
:> :> playing a movie in a window, there isn't any frame over the window. It's
:> :> beauty, but i'm unable to resize, or move the played movie, over my
:> :> desktop.  It seems, that this will appear, when i use the gui(i
:> :> read about this nvidia bug, or somewhat..), or when i don't!
:> :>
:> :> 2-3 weeks before it worked fine:(
:> :
:> :SDL out is not to be used with gui anyways.
:> But my problem disappears, when I _don't use gui_, too! Or the compiling
:> matters??? I mean gui is compiled in, but I don't use it!
:I don't understand what you mean when it works, does it work when you compile 
:mplayer without gui support, but doesn't work when you compile with gui and 
:start with mplayer -nogui?

I compiled mplayer with gui support, but I start it _without gui_, sdl
out is working, but in window_mode, there isn't frame over the pics (and
no titlebar, sizebar, etc...)/like xmms/! -> I'm unable to resize, or
move the pics elsewhere!
I'm using wmaker, and there was frame at about 2-3 weeks before (I think
I've upgraded my mplayer and nvidia drivers _only_, so it should be one
of them...

I didn't try to compile mplayer without gui, I only asked : should I

Many-many thanks of all of your help!



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