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Arpi arpi at thot.banki.hu
Thu Oct 18 19:06:42 CEST 2001


> arpi at thot.banki.hu said:
> > now, my question: how to handle these when converting to fixed-fps format
> > like divx avi files? i can imagine duplicating flagged frames, but mpeg2
> > allows half frame times too (displaying a flagged frame for 2.5 * frame
> > time). maybe if i duplicate fps and duplicate each non-flagged frame?
> > or non-integer frame times are only in interlaced files, which are
> > de-interlaced first?
> Have you looked at the new algorithm in transcode? transcode 0.5.0-pre5

>   mode=2: new very experimental (=alpha) NTSC VOB stream synchronization 
> 	  feature. This mode generates synchronization information for 
> 	  transcode by analyzing the frame display time. As a result, 
> 	  a strict frame rate will be enforced, which matches the audio and
> 	  has to be provided by the user with option "-f".
> 	  Do not expect this mode to work!!!!! Use chapter mode for DVD's
> 	  for testing. Occasional encoding lock-ups still have to be resolved. 

yes, this is what i'm talking about.
how is it solved in old perfect windows tools? virtualdub etc...
as i see from this changelog, transcode has the same unresolved questions
(fps must be specified by user etc) as me.

you know - the easiest way is asking/watching how is it works in other
tools, before re-inveting the same thing.

> - changes in the frame drop/clone decision alogorithm "-M 2" to prevent 
>   small amplitude fluctuations of +1/-1 frames to be corrected. 
>   Some people reported jerky playback.

so they simply use drop/duplicate method to change fps to an user-specified
rate. i wanted to avoid this...

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