[MPlayer-users] Key Caching?

Arpi arpi at thot.banki.hu
Thu Oct 18 14:19:37 CEST 2001


> I was wondering how possible it is to cache keys after they have
> been decoded by the css libraries? I've had a look around some of
> the code and it doesn't look too complicated - but the question is
> would it be worth it? Given the disc key (from CSSGetDiscKey)
> then each individual key of each vob (from CSSGetKey) would it
> be worthwhile to write this out to a cache file that MPlayer can
> interogate before attempting to decode each vob (given the
> disc key?). I'm asking this as some DVDs take ages to decode
> and I wondered at the possibility of a cache....
> I would appreciate any technical reasons why this is (not) a good
> idea...

strange idea.
in early days, while we used libcss directly, key decoding was done
only once, at opening the vob file. nowdays we use the libdvdread
library, so key control is out of our scope. ask the libdvdread guys...

but i don't think they are so silly to decode same key at each sector.
if it's slow for you (I see no problems here), it must have different reason.

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