[MPlayer-users] Sound noise (3dnow bug)

Moricz Ferenc moricz at mediatechnik.hu
Thu Oct 18 13:24:43 CEST 2001


I was  a problem with mplayer until yesterday. The sound was very noisy.
I have the same soundcard at home and at the office (SB PCI128,
OSS es1371 driver with kernel 2.2.16-17, 2.4.9). At the office the sound
is fine, but at home it has very bad quality.
And yesterday I found the solution: the 3dnow support does this annoying
thing. I disabled it, so all is OK.
So this is a bug report for 3dnow support.

Regards, Ferenc Moricz

PS. Guys, your program is great! I like it very much!

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