[MPlayer-users] mpeg2->divx

Dan Hollis goemon at anime.net
Thu Oct 18 10:53:03 CEST 2001

On Thu, 18 Oct 2001, clemenswaechter wrote:
> > 	That I do not know how to do - I believe it requires some very
> > 	expensive equipment.
> I believe it doesn't. There must be a software solution, too; since most
> hardware is made of DSPs and microprocessors ;-)

Crappy PAL->NTSC is easy, you just rescale the image and do simple
field/frame insertions. But you get nasty artifacts like
blinking/shimmering objects (really nasty in starfields in scifi shows)
and text/graphics scrolling is jumpy/jerky. Early "Red Dwarf" episodes
aired on PBS stations in USA used this method. It's really obvious :-(

Good PAL->NTSC is very, very hard. The best ones do image object analysis,
motion detection and frame/field interpolation...

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